Bingo Machines, Raffle Machines & Dartscorers

We have a large choice of bingo and raffle machines to suit every size of bingo group, including the ever popular Sagamatic 2, Rosie Rosey, Bingola Elegance, Bingomate Series 6 and Supreme. If you require a machine to do both bingo and raffles then take a look at the Multimate series 4 or the Club Trio.

Dartsmate 3 Dartscorer
£80.00 (£96.00 inc tax)
In stock
Displays for scores, legs and sets. Per dart and per throw averages. Practice checkout mode. Solo play mode. 20 mm displays. Accepts all games to 1001.... More

Sapphire Bingo Machine
£173.00 (£207.60 inc tax)
In stock
A new bingo machine on the market. Ideal for small to medium bingo events. Selects bingo numbers at random at the push of a button. * Console style with... More

Sagamatic Bingo Machine
£179.00 (£214.80 inc tax)
In stock
4 inch audience display. Recall of selected numbers. Delay on number displayed to the audience. Last number called flashes on operator matrix display. Total... More

Rosie Rosey Bingo Machine
£193.00 (£231.60 inc tax)
In stock
Easy to use. Solid construction. Adjustable to any length of game. Caller controls timing of audience display. Long life select and recall buttons. Size: 270... More

£230.00 (£276.00 inc tax)
In stock
Delay on number displayed to audience. Recall of all selected numbers. 2.3 inch audience display. Selectable jackpot number. Displays for next number and... More

Add on Display Unit
£95.00 (£114.00 inc tax)
In stock
A 4" add on display unit which can be connected to Bingomate or Sagamatic if two display units are required. Supplied with 5 meter lead and power supply... More

Bingola Elegance Bingo Machine
£249.00 (£298.80 inc tax)
In stock
1-90 LED check board  *  Adjustable to any length of game  *  Full game recall facility   *  Jackpot/Snowball with audio... More

Supreme Bingo Machine
£409.00 (£490.80 inc tax)
In stock
For larger groups.  8" LED audience display.  Dimensions:  Height 14", Width 15", Depth 5".  Weight 3.5 kg. 1-90... More

Club Trio Bingo & Raffle Machine
£360.00   £342.00 (£410.40 inc tax)
In stock
Combined bingo, raffle and tote double machine.  5 digit machine generating random numbers from 1 to 99999.  Full bingo check board and game... More

Multimate Bingo Machine
£295.00 (£354.00 inc tax)
In stock
Bingo-Raffle-Tote. Displays for next number, last number and total numbers called. Select jackpot number. For raffle - any start and finish numbers between 0... More